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Category: PHYSICS,
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Product Description

A specially designed versatile apparatus for the investigation of the wave properties, such as wave propagation, reflection, refraction, diffraction and interference. Permits demonstration with an overhead projector or use as a free standing bench model, allowing investigations to be carried out directly. Comprises a rectangular plastic tank with clear bottom and sloped sides incorporating beach effect to eliminate unwanted reflections. The tank has four detachable legs mounted at its underside at the corners with a hole in the clear tray for water drainage. One end of the tank has clamps for supporting lamp holder with a pair of clamps on each side for mounting rippler support rods. Rippler assembly comprises of a rectangular plastic rod with series of holes suitable for mounting spherical dippers and a low voltage DC motor having eccentric cam attached to its shaft to produce oscillatory motion. Supplied complete with following accessories: Illuminant Assembly Set of 4 barriers – a pair of bigger L-shaped (75×25mm) and a pair of smaller L-shaped barrier (25×25mm) 1 Curved Barrier, 2.5cm high, with uniform radius of curvature 1 Hand Stroboscope 1 Convex Lens 1 Concave Lens 1 Rectangular Block 2 Spherical Dippers Spare Elastic Cords for suspending rippler assembly